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This Story Should Be #Censored!

“Shocking! Disgusting! Reprehensible! Take…it…down!”

These were the words from the characters in this year’s One-Act play, "#Censored". Written by Maria McConville, the play explores a controversial painting at a high school art fair. Each character represented the various voices of artistic expression – from a soft-spoken voice, to a poetic and thoughtful voice, and even a LOUD, IN YOUR FACE VOICE! As the play approached the climax, the chorus of voices confronted the controversial artist and climbed to a crescendo.

“Take it down!”

“Take it down!”

“Take it down!”

The production involved seventeen students, three directors, and one captivated audience.

The Lutheran High Drama Club will perform “#Censored” at the Region One-Act Contest on Wednesday, January 23, at 2:00 PM at the Brandon Valley Performing Arts Center.

In its third season, the Lutheran High Drama Club chooses plays that wrestle with issues that students face on a daily basis. “With our first competitive one-act, “The Struggles,” we had many parents and grandparents commend us for choosing a play that dealt with a student struggling with dyslexia and ADD,” Mrs. Albers, Theatre Director said. “They were impacted by the drama; it was very relatable to them and to our students who have seen or dealt with these struggles firsthand.”

The play chosen this year is no different. “#Censored” explores what is good art, what is bad art, and what is the cost of censorship. Although an oil painting takes center stage, the play revolves around many artistic mediums and expressions. Oil paintings, drawings, videos, and online posts were debated by monologues from each of the characters.

“We have been complimented on the plays we have chosen, because we strive to select productions that are appropriate for all ages and with Christian values or lessons. We hope everyone can learn something from the plays our students perform,” said Mrs. Albers.

She and her husband (Mr. Austin Albers also Directs the Lutheran High Drama Club) enjoy choosing thought provoking and entertaining plays. However, their favorite aspect of theatre production is the development of the students involved. Mr. and Mrs. Albers get the ‘best seats in the house’ as they watch the students creatively express themselves, improve their communication and public speaking skills, and develop an appreciation for theatre as an art form.

“By participating in theater, a student learns about teamwork…Students are given the opportunity to be imaginative and creative, by expressing themselves through acting, directing, constructing set, designing costumes or learning different make-up techniques. Theatre helps a student learn about empathy and helps them to become self-confident,” said Mrs. Albers.

In the final moments of the play “#Censored” the controversial painting was revealed and the audience responded with high praise and applause. Though the Directors appreciate the approval of the audience, Mrs. Albers says that it’s still about giving praise to God and helping students grow.

“It's a joy to see our students' excitement and passion for the theatre. I love watching the students enjoy their time on the stage as well as watching others perform…We have been blessed with many committed and talented students who love performing, and it's a joy to work with them!”

About the Lutheran High Drama Club

The Lutheran High Drama Club was started in the spring semester of 2016 by Mr. Austin Albers and Mrs. Heidi Albers. With input from the founding students, the theatre group was named, “The Royal Eagle Company.” In its third season, the group has earned both individual and ensemble awards, and has already performed at the State level of competition.

About the Lutheran High School of Sioux Falls

Founded in 2010, the Lutheran High School of Sioux Falls exists to offer students and families excellence in education. Lutheran High School of Sioux Falls equips students with the skills to serve God and the world with strength of character and purpose, knowing that they are loved and saved by Christ, forgiven by God, and heirs to His Kingdom. The mission statement of the Lutheran High School of Sioux Falls is, “Developing capable Christian leaders in a complex world: World Ready, Faith Secure.”

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